Clinical Care Standard Update

We are proud to announce that for all current Clinical Care Standard indicators under each specific standard, their "Indicators for local monitoring" are now available in PIRT. All members can access these free of charge.

Sites reporting these indicators will be benchmarked against other sites submitting these indicators according to the definitions laid out by the Commission and presented on the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare website.

POS are currently in the process of creating a manual which will summarise these definitions in one place as a resource for our members and we are creating Empty Booklets to support manual data collection. 

ACHS aims to support the collection of all the indicators defined by the Commission on an ongoing basis and to align indicators in sets in which there is overlap to common definitions, where appropriate.

To request access to these sets, if they are not available for you in PIRT, please contact the POS team and we will facilitate this. Please send requests to

Please visit the ACSQHC website for more detail on each of their indicators: