Connecting with our community in the Middle East

ACHS and ACHS International CEO Dr Karen Luxford meets Members and Health Officials in the Middle Eastern Countries Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Oman.

The ACHS and ACHS International (ACHSI) teams are focused on connecting with our members, senior leaders and healthcare organisations. After two years of restricted travel, CEO, Dr Karen Luxford recently joined ACHS International Regional Director, Bassel El Sayegh in a series of meetings across the Middle East to connect with our community.

Meetings started in Bahrain, visiting 2021 ACHSI Medal winner Dr Jameela Al Salman at the Ministry of Health, to discuss quality of care and patient safety in the public sector. Accreditation certificate presentations for long-time members KIMSHEALTH’s leadership team was a great recognition of service achievements for KIMSHEALTH facilities in the Middle East. The Bahrain Defence Forces Hospital meeting with the Executive team was an opportunity to share new initiatives.

Visiting 2021 ACHSI Medal winner Dr Jameela Al Salman in Bahrain

In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, meeting with the Executive team at the International Medical Centre (IMC) Hospital, Saudi German Group and the Quality team at GNP Hospital focused on further collaboration. We welcomed new members Nahdicare Group with a signing ceremony to celebrate the partnership with Saudi’s largest pharmacy chain including polyclinics.

Welcoming new members Nahdicare Group in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

In Dubai, the ACHSI Medal was presented to 2022 winner Dr Jamil Ahmad at Prime Hospital to celebrate his global achievements. The Prime Hospital team also joined other members, quality leaders and assessors at our ACHSI Dinner in Dubai. The evening provided an opportunity to formally congratulate our award winners and celebrate the quality improvement amongst our members.

Presenting ACHS International Medal to 2022 winner Dr Jamil Ahmad in Dubai, UAE

Oman meetings included Dr Khalid and his team at KAMA Group, meeting with the Oman Ministry of Health, and the leadership team from Badr Al Samaa Group for partnership discussions and support. Back in Dubai, the final meeting was with the world-famous Liberty Dental Clinic.

Meeting with the world-famous Liberty Dental Clinic

It was wonderful to join together and share knowledge and insights about global healthcare issues. Meeting our international Members, Assessors and Colleagues helps us to understand the needs of each organisation in safety and quality.