Commission’s Clinical Care Standards Update

Since the last Clinical Care Standards update, the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care have released the new Low Back Pain Clinical Care Standard and the new Sepsis Clinical Care Standard.

The Low Back Pain Clinical Care Standard aims to improve the early assessment, management, review and appropriate referral of patients with low back pain. With the goal to reduce the use of investigations and treatments that may be ineffective or unnecessary in managing low back pain. 

The Sepsis Clinical Care Standard aims to ensure that a patient presenting with signs and symptoms of sepsis is recognised early and receives coordinated, best-practice care so that the risk of death or ongoing morbidity is reduced.

The POS service has added all the indicators under both standards to our collection tool with the first period for potential reporting being the 1st half of 2022 dataset. These indicators will be reported in the same manner as ACHS indicators and the manuals for these standards are available on the AHCS website under the POS resources section.

If you are interested in submitting these sets and if they are not available for you in PIRT, please contact the POS team and we will facilitate this. Please send requests to