ACHS Medal Winner 2020

ACHS 2020 Medal awarded to Professor Brendan Murphy

The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) has awarded its prestigious ACHS Medal 2020 to Professor Brendan Murphy, Secretary of the Australian Government Department of Health in Canberra.

In presenting the award, ACHS President Professor Len Notaras, AM said “On behalf of the Board of ACHS I am delighted to present this award to Australia’s former Chief Medical Officer, who as Chair of the Australian Health Principal Protection Committee (AHPPC) has lead Australia through the COVID-19 pandemic health response in 2020.”

“This award recognises an individual’s outstanding contribution to the promotion of quality and safety in Australian health service and in a year when our ‘normal’ has changed forever, we have relied strongly on the guardianship of leaders in health as never before,” he said.

“Brendan Murphy has exemplified a calm, considered approach to the unfolding events and instilled a strong level of confidence in the Australian public regarding the effective management of a nation’s response to our greatest health challenge in decades.”

Professor Murphy has worked for 40 years in the Australian health system as a doctor, medical researcher and senior executive.  He has held a range of Board positions including at the Florey Institute, the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute, and the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre.

Professor Murphy has recently commenced his position as Secretary of the Federal Department of Health, the first medical doctor to serve in this role.  He also held direct responsibility for Health’s Office of Health Protection and the Health Workforce Division.  In addition to the many committees he chairs, co-chairs and participates in, Professor Murphy is the Australian Member on the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Governing Committee and represents Australia at the World Health Assembly.

Professor Notaras said Professor Murphy was at the forefront of the Australian government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, as a key policy advisor and government spokesperson, and as the Chair of AHPPC, the key body advising the national cabinet throughout the pandemic, which immediately followed Australia’s black summer bushfires.

Professor Murphy was presented with the ACHS Medal as part of the ACHS Virtual Awards Ceremony held on the evening of Thursday 26 November, 2020.

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