Meet Customer Services Manager Jenny O'Hearn

Welcome to our latest feature where we learn more about the faces behind ACHS.

Welcome to our Staff Spotlight where we introduce our great teams who work tirelessly to support ACHS Members. In this edition we learn more about our fantastic Customer Services Manager, Jenny O’Hearn. 

Tell us about your journey with ACHS, how long have you been working here? 
I commenced working at ACHS in August 2019, when we were in COVID-19 lockdowns. It was an interesting time for ACHS Customer Service Managers, and our Member Healthcare Organisations (HCOs) as we had to reschedule planned assessments amidst juggling COVID-19 restrictions. We worked closely with our Member HCOs to ensure safety and quality was maintained, all the while conscious of the pressures being felt across Australian hospitals and health facilities.

How does your role support ACHS Members?
As an ACHS Customer Services Manager (CSM), my role is the relationship manager for Queensland-based ACHS Members and a number of National HCOs. I provide Members with support and information through their accreditation cycle, inform them when information is required to be submitted, review assessment reports, manage renewals and new memberships.

Most importantly, as a CSM, I strive to build a strong, healthy, trusting working relationship with each HCO that I work with. 

What do you find most rewarding about working in the healthcare sector? 
I find it rewarding when HCOs are doing new and exciting things and want to share their stories with us. Things such as brand-new buildings that are totally digital, story books to educate children, telehealth, IT systems to assist in improving quality, safety and accreditation processes. I especially loved hearing about the projects, improvements and growth that was generated because of COVID-19, the way healthcare staff found new ways to do things to ensure patients and clients were still cared for during this period. 

What comes to mind when you think of healthcare quality improvement?
I think about the individual healthcare workers that strive to ensure their patients and clients get the best care possible, that look for ways to improve the care, the equipment, the resources available to provide that care. 

What is a memorable interaction you have had with a Member?
Seeing the joy and appreciation from Members when we do site visits. It is very rewarding for me knowing that organisations appreciate CSM’s taking the time to visit and meet with their team, to sit and share our knowledge, to hear their challenges and be there to answer their questions.

How do you practice self-care? 
Thanks to COVID-19, I took golf lessons and learned to play golf. Being a very competitive person, it wasn’t long before competition golf became my passion. At times, I question if playing golf is self-care or torture and often, I ask myself why I keep playing. 

It’s a challenge, a team sport but more so an individual sport, frustrating but fun. The self-care part is the friends you make along the way, the socialising afterwards, the amazing courses I play on, the trips to country towns golfing, drinking, eating, and exploring. Golf is definitely my go to for self-care.

What healthcare topic most interests you? 
Currently, Youth Mental Health is a topic of interest to me. Through talking to family, friends and colleagues, COVID-19 has taken a toll on people of all ages, especially school and university children. It will be interesting in the coming years to see what strategies are implemented into our health care services and our education facilities to assist those that are struggling and also provide coping mechanisms and strategies for individuals to manage their mental health issues and concerns.

Thank you Jenny, for sharing your insights and experience with us. We look forward to bringing you further Staff Spotlight articles in the future and showcasing the incredible talent that we foster at ACHS.