Mobilising change and improvement in health systems

Improvement Academy Director, Bernie Harrison sat down with internationally renowned Dr Helen Bevan, Strategic Advisor from Horizon Teams NHS.

Our  Improvement Academy Director, Bernie Harrison was lucky to catch internationally renowned Dr Helen Bevan, Strategic Advisor, Horizon Teams NHS, while she was in Australia for the IHI BMJ Forum.  The pair held an impromptu Masterclass for ACHS Members and discussed some important themes on mobilising change and improvement in healthcare systems. 

With over 500 registrants, this insightful conversation covered many issues and ideas that impact the healthcare industry including health equity, QI and models for change. 

Dr Bevan discussed the revolution happening in quality improvement around the world with a big shift towards equity and person-centred health systems. The term ‘Kinship’ reflects the change in focus to a more integrated health system that is geared around people’s needs.

Below are some key points raised in this inspiring Masterclass session:

  • Future of care: Focus on putting into place proactive rather than reactive systems. There will be shifts towards building sets of relationships within the wider community where the delivery of care is much more personalised.
  • Future of work: Importance of enabling work to be more joyful and to address retention and burnout. 
  • Future of learning: Shift towards supplementing course-based programs with coach-based learning done in real time.
  • Future of leadership: There is a need for leaders that possess the ability navigate through with big contradictions and tension as well as mobilise people around a shared purpose.

Thank you once again to our guest Dr Helen Bevan, for taking time to discuss these important topics.

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