Modernisation of Benchmarking

We are currently redeveloping our web-based tool PIRT (Performance Indicator Reporting Tool) to modernise the look and feel, to make it more user friendly and interactive, and also to add new features.

We are taking this opportunity to update the analytics of the data as well to modernise its layout, interactivity and add key features such as artificial intelligence-based analytics. The aim of this development is to future-proof the collection of data and analysis for our members.

The changes with PIRT will be that the web tool will now be able to support the collection of data on a range of schedules. The tool will also collect extra organisational data to support a deeper level of organisational comparisons. The updated tool will also allow for the automation and semi-automation (via Excel) of submissions. Along with these usability developments, we are designing the tool to be modular, so that new products can be easily integrated.

The changes with the analytics update will be vast. ACHS will be implementing Sisense analytics through our implementation partner RAPID BI. We will move away from tabulated data towards dashboards with heat maps for performance and provide the user the ability to drill down on data using a range of bespoke comparisons such as number of beds or type of services delivered. The analytics will also integrate artificial intelligence for predictive analytics as well as natural language processing to describe your data as it changes.

ACHS is excited to be able to use this update to engage members to ensure our services meet both their current and future needs. We are excited to modernise our current practices and continue our leading role in the patient centred benchmarking of healthcare organisations.