New Assessor competency training is underway

Twelve new candidates from Victoria, Queensland and NSW completed the New Assessor Competency Training program from 18-20 May.

“Formal assessment was undertaken throughout the program and through assignments submitted by trainee candidates​,” said Karen Edwards, Manager of the ACHS Assessor Division. 

Candidates’ clinical disciplines included medical practitioners, nurses, allied health practitioners, health consumer representatives and health service managers. Their areas of work cover rural and remote health, acute and tertiary health care, community health, sub-acute care, oral health and mental health.

“Their next steps are to be assigned a supernumerary trainee assessment with formal feedback from the Lead Assessor, assessment team and member organisation followed by two novice / probation assessments,” said Ms Edwards.

“We will also seek feedback from the Lead Assessor before confirming their registration as an ACHS Assessor.”

“ACHS has delivered a very structured approach for this training program which is externally accredited by ISQua IEEA. This comprehensive training program was successfully delivered virtually for the first time.

“The program evaluations provided by trainees were extremely positive averaging 4.17 and 4.60 (on a five-point scale) from trainees and trainers respectively,” she said.