New Partnership Launched to Build Clinical Governance and Improvement Capability for Health Leaders

ACHS Improvement Academy and the Australasian Institute of Clinical Governance have joined forces to provide complementary healthcare education

Understanding the complexity of topics and concepts in healthcare and knowing where to focus your educational training as healthcare professionals can be daunting. The ACHS Improvement Academy (IA) and the Australasian Institute of Clinical Governance (AICG) are pleased to announce a collaboration of healthcare education, focused on the synergistic relationship between Clinical Governance (CG) and Quality Improvement (QI), and their role in improving patient outcomes.

ACHS are pleased to announce this partnership with AICG to provide complementary training to healthcare professionals and strengthen our mission of inspiring excellence in healthcare.” 
– ACHS Group CEO - Dr Karen Luxford

Through the AICG flagship course, ‘The Certificate in Clinical Governance for Patient Safety and Quality Care’, attendees get an applied understanding of clinical governance standards and become armed with the tools to apply knowledge in day-to-day care. Tailored to aspiring leaders, this program is suitable for all healthcare professionals looking to improve safety and quality of care for patients.

To complement this certificate, the ACHS Improvement Academy take quality improvement to the next level with our ‘Quality Improvement Lead (QIL) Training Program’. This practical and interactive, 9-month course teaches the foundations of improvement science, and practical skills in how to redesign care in microsystems. It enables you to be an effective improvement leader. Led by an expert Faculty of clinicians, the QIL program is focused on supporting leaders in developing skills in continuous quality improvement and patient safety.


Both the Certificate in Clinical Governance and the Quality Improvement Lead (QIL) Program are mutually beneficial to support the professional development of healthcare professionals, earning CPD points as required by their respective National Board. The programs are both aimed at mid-to-high level professionals who are passionate about improving patient outcomes.

We look forward to sharing more about how we can both support your continuing development. To find out more about these programs please click below:
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