New Quality Improvement Lead (QIL) Project Summaries Booklet

The latest Improvement Academy’s ‘Quality Improvement Lead (QIL) Project Summaries 2018-2020’ booklet is published.

New quality improvement innovations are highlighted in the latest ‘QIL Project Summaries’ booklet focusing on graduates’ projects undertaken as part of the Program.

“We are delighted to share this brilliant resource with ACHS members showcasing many of the quality improvement projects achieved in the last two years,” said Improvement Academy Director, Adj Associate Professor Bernie Harrison.

“This is a fantastic collection of actual projects covering a range of clinical and non-clinical services with the summaries providing an overview of the issue, and explaining the quality improvement science steps undertaken.

“All ACHS members have the opportunity to benefit from understanding more about the projects and what can be achieved through applying the correct tools to measure and identify issues and how to address them” she said.

Thank you to all QIL graduates from 2019 and 2020 who kindly agreed to share their project work.

View the publication here.

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