Performance Improvement Reporting Tool (PIRT) Upgrade

The back-end development of the new version of PIRT continues. We are now in the first testing phase where we are testing the product internally and making the corrections to the software, so it is ready to be tested externally.

The analytics section is also in the internal testing phase with currently a new iteration each fortnight. We are aiming to add as much functionality into the new software so that both current needs are met as well as emerging ones. We hope to have a test environment ready for members to provide feedback later in Spring.

Currently this modernisation work is on track with an aimed staged release later this year before an official launch in 2023. Additional functionality roll outs occurring into 2023 as well, with improvement feedback from members. We predict this additional functionality will expand the automation of data collection, add in predictive analysis, add socio-economic indexes for areas into the modelling and provide richer ways to stratify your data. 

Training on the new software and analytics will be available in both live, face to face format (via Zoom) as well as recorded online sessions, where you can go back and review certain parts as you need them.