Planned assessments still continue - Assessments for our members proceed

ACHS continues with scheduled accreditation assessments in most states, in line with current regulations.

“We are working with members on a case-by-case basis to ensure that planned accreditation assessments proceed, whilst meeting all public safety procedures,” said Dr Karen Luxford, ACHS CEO.

“We are rescheduling assessments where there are public health orders, such as lockdowns, in place. We are also very aware of the additional stress that health services are under.

“Each week brings its own challenges and our assessors have been incredibly flexible, working with new arrangements, as things often change by the day.

“Our Customer Services Managers continue to be the vital communication link with members. “Thank you to our assessors and all members who continue to work collaboratively with us. We are also touched by the level of support expressed by members for our staff’s well-being during Sydney’s current lockdown,” said Dr Luxford.

Nearly 180 assessments have been completed since the resumption of assessments last October 2020.