Quality Initiatives 2021 publication – now available!

Find out more on the outstanding entries submitted in 2021 for the Quality Improvement (QI) Awards in this new publication.

All of the final winning QI projects submitted for the 24th ACHS Quality Improvement Awards (2021), as well as the highly commended entries and all entries submitted are included in this new publication.

“ACHS publishes submissions from all participating organisations to share and encourage exceptional quality improvement strategies amongst the ACHS Member organisations,” said ACHS CEO Dr Karen Luxford.

“There were many strong entries with a critical focus on patient safety and quality improvement during a pandemic and a focus on COVID-19 response management.

“New innovations in health are essential to successfully adapting and leading and this publication showcases the entries we received.

“Every submission seeks to improve on existing practices and address emerging issues, and this publication demonstrates some outstanding achievements,” Dr Luxford said.

The QI Awards 2021 winners and highly commended submissions were announced at the ACHS Virtual Awards Ceremony 2021 held on Thursday 25 November which can be viewed here.

Click here to view the publication online, or to request a hard copy, contact Standards and Product Development Project Officer Ms Dina Ramsay at dramsay@achs.org.au on (02) 8218 2734.