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In recognition of World Immunisation Week, we have curated a group of international experts to discuss COVID-19 vaccination efforts in their countries and share lessons learned for the future of the world’s continued response to the virus.

Discussion will include vaccination approaches, citizen awareness programs, the challenges in implementing COVID-19 vaccination programs, importance of vaccination to each country's borders and lessons learned regarding the vaccine rollout.

To be moderated by ACHS President Professor Len Notaras AM, panelists include:

  • Dr Rob Grenfell (CSIRO Australia),                     
  • Prof Dale Fisher (National University Hospital Singapore),                    
  • Dr Asma Al Mannael (Abu Dhabi Department of Health),                    
  • Dr Thomas Tsang (Hong Kong College Community Medicine),                    
  • Dr Sami Al Mudarra (Saudi Epidemiology Society),                    
  • and Dr Priya Abraham (India National Institute Virology)                    

Join us for this next instalment of the ACHS International Webinar Series, an educational initiative as part of our Global Lifelong Learning campaign to connect experts from around the world to share ideas, perspectives, and insights. To attend this event, please click here to register.