Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA) introduces new ‘Virtual’ Hospital

More than 13,000 patients have received virtual care via Royal Prince Alfred’s (RPA) Virtual Hospital since it was first introduced in February.

“rpavirtual includes a long-standing community nursing service, Sydney District Nursing, and a new 24/7 multidisciplinary Virtual Care Centre that delivers clinical models of care that are digitally enabled,” according to RPA General Manager Miranda Shaw.

“Since its launch, rpavirtual has been recognised for excellence in digital innovation and its exemplary COVID-19 model of care,” Ms Shaw said.

“The ability to scale the delivery of virtual care has been amply demonstrated by the activity associated with the pandemic response.

rpavirtual is also delivering a virtual fracture clinic, medication and symptom monitoring. A number of new programs are currently being designed to expand delivery of hospital-level care in the community.

“More than 1,000 patients have provided feedback on their virtual care experience to date and consistently report: a positive experience (86%), confidence knowing they are monitored virtually (89%) and easy to use technology (90%),” said Ms Shaw.

Feedback from 450 patients receiving community nursing care reported that: the service helped maintain their independence and helped them stay in own home (95%), they were aware of the plan for their care (98%) and they would recommend the service to others (98). Patients also commented on the convenience of care and the kindness of the clinicians.