Take a look into the future of health data benchmarking

ACHS is proud to share a sneak peek of our new and improved data portal: Metrik

ACHS has been at the forefront of health data measurement, with over 33 years of measuring, benchmarking and tracking data. We are excited to share that development of our revolutionary platform is near completion, and our analytics tool has been redesigned with vastly improved data analytic capability. Introducing: Metrik.

Metrik will be officially launched in the coming months with the latest submission data already loaded for you to view the new analytical functions. To give you a better understanding of what to expect from this new platform check out the video below:

Metrik is an advanced clinical indicator measurement and analytics tool, for all healthcare organisations to measure performance and benchmark against other facilities in Australia and around the world. Alongside better benchmarking, transparency and ease of use, Metrik utilises modern data standards and allows for integration of current technologies. Advancements in Metrik allows us to input new data types, benchmark a wider range of data sets and is the first step towards automation of clinical indicator collection.

Added Features and Benefits of Metrik:

  • Industry leading data analytics
  • Improved data visualisation
  • Integrated analytic dashboard
  • Greater comparison of data

This first release of Metrik is a key step in our continuous improvement in data analytics, with many more features and improvements to come. Metrik will assist healthcare quality teams in the data collection, recording, benchmarking, and analytics, so that more time can spent implementing quality changes rather than trying to determine where change needs to occur.

If you are a current CIP Member, PIRT will run concurrently alongside Metrik in the interim to ensure Members are confident with the new system. We will provide more details about the launch in the coming months.

If you are new to the Clinical Indicator Program and would like to learn more about Metrik and how it can support your organisation to measure, analyse and benchmark data contact us here.