There right from the start: Geelong Hospital, the first hospital accredited by ACHS in 1974

ACHS Welcomes back University Hospital Geelong (Barwon Health) – formally Geelong Hospital.

In 1974, the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) had not long been open for business, but our mission was – and still remains - to improve the quality of life for the Australian population through the health sector.

Geelong Hospital was approached and agreed to be surveyed against the Provisional Standards for Australian Hospitals. A team of three surveyors spent two days at the hospital reviewing performance. They interviewed departmental heads, reviewed hospital statistics, reviewed hospital committee records, and determined that the hospital had met the ACHS standards. 


Geelong Hospital has grown and developed since these early days of accreditation and ACHS is pleased to welcome back our former member and to celebrate our ongoing partnership.

In 1998 Barwon Health was formed and in 2014 the hospital was named University Hospital Geelong to focus on Education and Research. It is now one of the largest and most comprehensive regional health services in Australia, providing care at all stages of life and circumstance. With more than 8,377 staff, they are the largest employer in Geelong. Barwon Health cover services from emergency and acute, to mental health, primary care, community services, aged care and sub-acute/rehabilitation. 

Quality and safety are a priority for the organisation. To recognise quality improvements and initiatives they introduced their own Best Care Awards to celebrate staff achievements and share these companywide. ACHS are pleased to work with the team at Barwon Health to continue their commitment to best practise and we look forward to celebrating many milestones in the future.