Welcome to our new Lead Assessors

Welcome to our four new Lead Assessors who responded to a recent expressions of interest for eligible Assessors to participate in the ACHS Lead Assessor training program.

Congratulations to Gary Colley, Keith Love, Louise McFadden and Jennifer Tuffin who have now completed the training requirements and will soon undertake their first assessment as a Trainee Lead Assessor.

Like all events over the past 18 months, this training and subsequent Lead Assessor assignments have been impacted by restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The Lead Assessor Training program was conducted virtually and facilitated by the Manager of the Assessor Division and three of our most experienced Lead Assessors.

Candidates and facilitators found the program engaging, interactive and valuable. ACHS welcomes all four to the ranks of our highly valued and skilled Lead Assessors and the Assessor Division looks forward to engaging with them more closely in the near future.