Your opinion matters

Help shape the future of ACHS with our Member Survey.

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing your ACHS Membership experience, we are pleased to announce an upcoming milestone – it has been three years since our last Member Survey and we are keen to hear your feedback. We firmly believe that the collective insights and opinions of our valued members are the compass that guides us towards a future of innovation and excellence.

Our Member Survey is an important evaluation of your experience as a member, and we value your opinion on all aspects of our services. This research with current and former members ensures we are providing and developing services that add value to your healthcare organisation.

We have engaged an independent research agency, Survey Matters, to conduct the survey on behalf of ACHS so you can be sure that your answers will remain confidential. We encourage honest feedback for us to understand areas for improvement.

The survey will cover a wide spectrum of topics, encompassing everything from your overall experience with us to specific aspects such as services, events, training, resources, and communication channels.

In the coming weeks, keep an eye on your inbox for the survey invitation. We can’t wait to share insights and how it will shape the future of ACHS.