National Safety and Quality Primary and Community Healthcare (NSQPCH) Standards

ACHS is approved by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare (the Commission) to assess healthcare organisations to the National Safety and Quality Primary and Community Healthcare (NSQPCH) Standards.

The Commission launched the Standards in October 2021. The Standards were developed in consultation with consumers, healthcare providers and services, professional and peak bodies, and Primary Health Networks. They are designed to give the community confidence that they are accessing safe, high-quality healthcare services in a primary and community setting.


Services that deliver health care to people in a primary and/or community setting, usually close to where they live and work. Examples include:

  • General Practice
  • Dentistry
  • Aged Care
  • Allied Health




Clinical Governance

The Clinical Governance Standard aims to ensure that the community and healthcare services can be confident that systems are in place to deliver safe and high-quality health care and continuously improve services. It focuses on the relationships and responsibilities established by primary and community healthcare services. This includes governance frameworks and its implementation.


Partnering with Consumers

The Partnering with Consumers Standard describes the systems and strategies that empower patients and consumers to be partners in their own health care. This enables patients and consumers to be included in shared decision-making and involved in the development and design of the quality healthcare services.


Clinical Safety

The Clinical Safety Standard considers specific, commonly encountered, high-risk areas of health care that need to be addressed and mitigated. These include: Preventing and controlling infections, Medication safety, Comprehensive care, Communicating for safety, Recognising and responding to serious deterioration and minimising harm.

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