What incentive programs are available for general practice?

The  Practice Incentives Program (PIP) and the Workforce Incentive Program (WIP) provide financial incentives to general practices to provide quality care and improve access and health outcomes for patients.

Those wanting to apply for PIP and/or WIP must meet certain eligibility criteria. One of these criteria is to be accredited, or registered for accreditation, to the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Standards for general practices.

Join the ACHS Accreditation for General Practices (AAGP) program to meet this eligibility criterion.

Benefits of GP Accreditation

Access to financial incentives for general practice

Elevate quality of care for patients and their family

  • Improve patient safety
  • Enhance overall health outcomes
  • Reduce risks

Foster a culture of quality improvement

  • Improve practice efficiency
  • Develop staff skills
  • Empower continuous quality improvement within the team

The RACGP Standards Edition 5

Core Module
| 8 Standards

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Quality Improvement Module
| 3 Standards

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General Practice Module
| 6 Standards

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