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E-learning (self-paced)
Delivering Excellence: NSQHS Standards e-Learning Course

Delivering Excellence: NSQHS Standards e-Learning Course

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This self-paced course helps participants gain an understanding in the National Safety and Quality Accreditation Scheme and NSQHS Standards.

This 3 hour course (3 CPD points) is divided into 15 to 30 minute blocks and is designed for you to complete the material as it suits you. The training includes knowledge checks to test your understanding of the content, NSQHS Standards evidence checks and ‘questions to consider’ to prompt you to reflect on how your service is performing against the Standards.
There are five modules which cover the following topics:
  • Introduction to the NSQHS Standards
  • PICMoRS 
  • Insights from NSQHS Standards Assessment Outcomes
  • The audit program 
  • Evidence and evaluation
Key outcomes
Gain knowledge in:
  • The National Safety and Quality Accreditation Scheme and the NSQHS Standards
  • How assessors use the PICMoRS method and how to apply the PICMoRS method to review quality and safety systems and processes.
  • Where some healthcare organisations have gaps in the application of NSQHS Standards 
  • How a clinical audit program is developed, implemented, and contributes to clinical governance through the monitoring and measurement of quality and safety. 
  • The process for providing evidence on how an organisation meets the NSQHS Standards and how assessors evaluate the evidence.
Who should attend
Health care professionals including:
  • Board
  • Executives
  • Frontline clinical staff
  • Patient safety specialists
  • ​​Quality improvement professionals
  • Departmental or unit team managers
  • Senior managers