ACHS Inaugural President's Award Announced

Congratulations to Inaugural President's Award Recipient Dr Philip Hoyle.

We are excited to announce the recipient of the Inaugural ACHS President’s Award for Outstanding Contribution, Dr Philip Hoyle, Director of Medical Services, Royal North Shore Hospital and Chair of ACHS Standards Committee. 

The ACHS President’s Awards is awarded to one individual who has made a difference to ACHS through their involvement in ACHS activities, including ACHS Committees, Training, Mentoring or Events. Dr Philip Hoyle was chosen as the Inaugural recipient of the ACHS President’s Award for Outstanding Contribution for his significant contribution to ACHS over many years. With decades of experience working in areas of clinical governance and quality improvement, Dr Hoyle has been an extraordinary source of knowledge and guidance for the ACHS Board and Executive team. Dr Hoyle is much respected at ACHS and his championing work on quality, safety, and improvement in the healthcare sector continues to inspire us all. 

The ACHS Board unanimously agreed that Dr Hoyle was an excellent and worthy recipient of the Inaugural ACHS President’s Award.