End-of-Life Essentials Education Assists Hospital Quality Assurance

If accreditation preparation is an important part of your role, the End-of-life Essentials (EOLE) project resources can assist you in meeting the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards in your preparation for hospital accreditation.

EOLE is a Commonwealth Funded project (from Flinders University) providing free evidence-based online education and implementation tools for doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals who work in hospitals to assist in informing and improving end-of-life care in hospitals. EOLE have education to increase capacity of your workforce in four specific actions in Standard 5 – ‘Comprehensive Care at the end of life’:

  • Action 5.5: Collaboration and Teamwork which is highlighted in the EOLE module ‘Teams and Continuity for the Patient’
  • Action 5.15: ‘End-of-life care needs are identified as soon as possible to maximise opportunities for appropriate decision making and care’ is outlined in the EOLE module ‘Recognising the End of Life’
  • Action 5.19 – ‘Patients receive safe and high-quality end-of-life care’ is highlighted in the EOLE module ‘Planning End-of-Life Care – Goals of Care’
  • Action 5.20 – ‘Clinicians support consumers, carers and families to make shared decisions about end-of-life care’ in ‘Patient-Centred Communication and Shared Decision-Making’
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