Highlights from the QI Demystified Member Benefits Training

We received great feedback from participants who attended our recent training and are looking forward to running these sessions again.

The recent Quality Improvement (QI) Demystified training session organised by the ACHS Improvement Academy was a huge success. We had over 150 participants from Australia and around the world, including quality managers, front line clinicians, clinical governance directors, and executives participate in this enriching learning session.  

One of the highlights of this virtual training were the discussions that took place in the chat box. Participants were eager to share their experiences and engage with presenters particularly on how they could integrate QI concepts into their everyday practice.  

“It has inspired me to learn more and given me a greater understanding about systems and how things are run currently at my place of work and how it can be improved by involving front line staff more.” – QI Demystified participant  

With a focus on applying the QI theories of Edwards Deming, this training session was an opportunity for participants to learn how to enhance outcomes, reduce costs and foster a culture of continuous improvement in their workplace. The training delved into the science of process improvement in healthcare, and why it is so important for driving sustainable change. A combination of production methods such as short videos, interactive activities and case studies were used to engage participants in learning. 

Join our next free QI Demystified session 

If you are an ACHS member, and are interested in learning more about QI theories, the ACHS Improvement Academy are offering free QI Demystified training as part of our FY24 Member Benefits.

Want to get more training in Improvement Science?  

QI Demystified is an excellent entrée into our popular Improvement Science courses: 

  • QI Tools to Go:  A short course in improvement tools which is ideal for improvement team members to improve the quality and safety of care in their organisation using established methods and tools.  

  • Virtual Quality Improvement Lead (QIL) Program: An advanced program for leaders of improvement. It is a 9-month program which provides a deep immersion in improvement science, reliability science, transformative leadership for improvement and clinical governance for improvement

These courses are led by our expert faculty and will help you and your team to gain confidence in QI methods.  

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