Quality innovation is important - now more than ever

Recognising strong new innovations that bring excellence to healthcare delivery is the reason behind the ACHS’s Quality Improvement (QI) Awards.

“These awards promote innovation by acknowledging key improvements across the spectrum of health, placing patients and consumers at the centre of care,” said Dr Karen Luxford, CEO of ACHS.

"Following on from the success of the Awards last year, we are expecting a similar high level of entries submitted from around the country and overseas in what has been an extraordinary year.

“Every submission should challenge current thinking and explore new ways to address emerging issues, and we encourage all member health organisations to consider submitting entries this year,” Dr Luxford said.

The Award categories are: Clinical Excellence and Patient Safety, Non-Clinical Service Delivery and Healthcare Measurement. A fourth category, Global Quality Improvement Award, is open to ACHS International members.

“Each of last year’s four winners were extremely proud of the recognition that the ACHS Quality Improvement Awards brought to their efforts, by providing a platform to showcase their commitment to deliver quality improvement,” said Dr Luxford.

Details for entering the awards are available here and the closing date is Friday 10 September, 2021. Winners of the first three categories each receive an engraved glass trophy and $2,000 in prizemoney.

“We know that quality in healthcare has continued to be at the forefront of many healthcare worker’s minds over the last year and we are expecting a number of outstanding entries in 2021,” said Dr Luxford.