Understanding Comprehensive Care Standard 5

Learn how to apply Standard 5 into healthcare settings and foster patient centred care. 

The Comprehensive Care Standard 5 (Ref: Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care. National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. 2nd ed. – version 2. Sydney: ACSQHC; 2021) is multifaceted, involving  elements such as holistic patient assessments, care coordination and patient involvement.  

The ACHS Improvement Academy often receives queries from Members regarding the requirements of Comprehensive Care Standard 5, which can be a challenging topic. One reason for its complexity, is its' broad scope, as it requires addressing multiple aspects of care, from assessment and planning to ongoing support and coordination.  

Our Comprehensive Care Standard Training with Ms Yvonne McCann aims to deepen the understanding and application of Standard 5 in healthcare settings while fostering patient centred care.  

In our recent session, participants were engaged actively in the discussion, showing a remarkable commitment to delivering comprehensive care in their daily practices.  

This training outlines the intent of Standard 5 and how it goes beyond merely treating isolated symptoms to encompass the entirety of a patient’s life and experiences.  

A fundamental aspect of this training is to recognise how Comprehensive Care Standard 5 intertwines with the other NSQHS Standards. This training also focuses on delivering comprehensive care and developing the comprehensive care plan.  

During a recent session, we had some great input from participants in the chat box about goals of care. Some strategies being incorporated by organisations included providing motivational interviewing, incorporating goals of care into admission and discharge forms, a bedside goals of care checklist and conducting patient Q&A’s during morning safety rounds. 

Join our Comprehensive Care Standard 5 training.

"Great short course to provide consolidation of what is required with Standard 5. Presenter was very knowledgeable." -  Emma-Kate Cunningham, Quality & Clinical Compliance Officer 

Our Comprehensive Care Standard 5 training will help you to gain a clear understanding of the requirements and strategies for successful implementation. Learn how your organisation can deliver care that is centred on patient goals and wellbeing in relation to the Standard. 
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