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The future of healthcare in Australia: A demographic outlook
22nd February 2023  |  4:00pm – 5:30pm
Speaker: Simon Kuestenmacher 

Ever wonder how demographic trends impact on healthcare?  Hear from Simon Kuestenmacher, Director and Co-founder of The Demographics Group based in Melbourne, Australia. Simon has amassed 500,000 global followers on social media, reaches over 35 million people every month and ranks as one of the world’s Top 10 influencers in data visualisation.

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What can healthcare organisations do to address climate change?
26 April 2023  |  5:00pm – 6:30pm
Speaker: Nick Watts

Challenging climate change will have profound benefits to public health. Dr Watts is the Chief Sustainability Officer of the NHS, responsible for its commitment to deliver a world-class net zero emission health service. Based in London, he leads the Greener NHS team across the country, which focuses on improving the health of patients and the public through a robust and accelerated response to climate change and the broader sustainability agenda.

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