Why every healthcare worker needs to learn quality improvement

Learn the science behind improvement with our QI To Go course, and elevate your quality outcomes.

In a recent interview with ACHS Improvement Academy (IA) Director, Assoc Professor Bernie Harrison, we discuss why she, alongside her IA faculty, are so passionate about Quality Improvement (QI) and how learning the science behind QI can benefit all areas of healthcare.

Watch Full Interview Here

As Bernie outlines, “Australia has excellent incident reporting systems, but if all we do is count and describe the harm, we miss the opportunity to implement recommendations to prevent future harm to patients”. This is where QI methodology can be used to continuously improve the quality of care provided. “QI is the science of process management, and the more we can perfect steps in that process, the better outcomes and experience of care for patients,” Bernie suggests.

Our brand new course, QI To Go, is a way for all healthcare workers to learn the fundamentals of QI:

  • How to form a team
  • How to investigate a problem
  • How to design solutions and test them
  • How to collect descriptive data
  • How to get quick measures in place
  • How to engage consumers, patients, and colleagues to continuously drive service improvement

This highly interactive course, is run over two days in short 3-hr sessions, with two expert IA faculty members who have hands-on front line experience. If you are looking to improve safety, efficiency, and consumer satisfaction, join us at the next course date. Click here to see all dates.