Supporting your Career in Quality Improvement

No matter what stage of your career you are in, the ACHS Improvement Academy are committed to supporting your professional development.

The ACHS Improvement Academy (IA) believe in high quality healthcare for all, and this value drives our commitment to championing quality improvement as key to improving healthcare outcomes.  

IA Director, Assoc Professor Bernie Harrison, says Quality Improvement (QI) in healthcare is “the science of process management, and the more we can perfect steps in that process, the better outcomes and experience of care for patients”. QI is a methodology for improving the quality of healthcare services, a continuous process that involves identifying problems, understanding why they exist and identifying key areas for improvement, implementing changes, and measuring the impact of those changes.   

Our wide range of quality improvement (QI) courses provide healthcare professionals with the skills and tools they need to continuously improve their provision of care and services for patients, consumers and their families. From early career to experienced leaders, we offer a wide range of courses for healthcare professionals to gain new skills and knowledge in quality improvement science.

Wherever you are at in your QI journey we are here to support you.

ACHS Improvement Academy is committed to supporting healthcare professionals throughout their careers. Explore the diverse range of courses offered at the Improvement Academy: 

Introduction to Quality Improvement with Free Virtual Sessions for Members.

Quality Improvement (QI) Demystified virtual training will demystify the science of quality improvement. Learn about quality improvement (QI) science and how the QI theories can be applied to clinical work to improve outcomes, reduce costs and create a culture of continuous improvement. Check out dates and register for a session here.

Virtual short course in Quality Improvement Tools.

QI Tools to Go is a short course in improvement tools which is ideal for improvement team members to improve the quality and safety of care in their organisation using established methods and tools.  This is a beginner to intermediary level course, suitable for frontline workers who see things everyday they need to improve. Check out dates and register for a session here.

Flagship course for Quality Improvement Leaders. 

Virtual Quality Improvement Lead (QIL) Program is an advanced program for leaders of improvement. This comprehensive, flagship training is a 9-month program, providing a deep immersion in improvement science, reliability science, transformative leadership for improvement and clinical governance for improvement. Registrations for our next February 2024 session are open now. 

These courses are led by our expert Faculty and will help you and your team to gain confidence navigating a rapidly changing healthcare landscape. 

Don’t forget, Members can attend our public training and exclusively get 10% off each course. Click here to browse all courses.  

You can also learn more about your ACHS Member Benefits here.  
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